John Lubuva


FOR 2014-2016

1.    Continue with advocacy and lobbying governments in the region to promote on pro-poor planning, mainstream urban planning in the development agenda and support an urban SDG as part of the post 2015 global debate;

2.    Organise regional meetings and at least one regional event in Tanzania;

3.    Consolidate gains made in concretising regional cooperation amongst planning associations in East Africa following agreements reached during previous regional conferences e.g. the successful East African Planner’s conference III held in Mombasa Kenya (14-17 July 2010);

4.    Continued dialogue with the East African Community at Arusha and East African Business Council;

5.    Implement the East African component of the CAP strategic plan, communication and engagement strategy and CAP capacity building proposal that was submitted to Commonwealth Foundation (CF) in January 2013;

6.    Initiate strategic planning and fundraising processes;

7.    Continue providing support to the newly formed and registered planners association of Rwanda so that it joins CAP; and

8.    Initiate dialogue with and involve planners from nations from around the region that are not yet members in CAP regional events beginning with Burundi, Ethiopia, Sudan and possibly the Republic of South Sudan.